• FAQ - General

    1) What is PaperVault?
    a. The PaperVault is a solution to replace traditional paper receipts that are issued as proof of payment in retail shopping, or service providers, replacing them with a digital version which consumers can see at any time, by their personal computer or smartphone.

    2) How does PaperVault work?
    a. Payment of your purchases or services in associated companies consumers are asked if you want a paper receipt, a digital receipt, or both. In case you want a digital receipt after provide your tax ID number, email, customer card or other, your receipt will be immediately available in PaperVault platform. If the consumer is a registered consumer can access immediately to your new receipt. If you are not registered yet, but registers within 30 days after the receipt creation, you will still be able to access it and any other receipts created in the corresponding time.

    3) What are the advantages relative to eFactura Tax Administration by using PaperVault?
    a. PaperVault is much more than a file of invoices or receipts. In PaperVault has every detail of your receipts. You can sort and organize your file in order to better manage your purchases and your finances, as well as guarantees of their equipment always keep accessible. Your receipts are available on your smartphone and anywhere. The PaperVault also allows you to maintain the link with the stores where a customer and thus can receive offers, suggestions, among others.

  • FAQ - Consumers

    4)How do I register in PaperVault?
    a. By accessing the PaperVault platform (www.papervault.pt), the consumer must enter your e-mail, currency, choose a word-pass and complete with some optional personal data. By registering you agree to the Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy, which asked to read previously.

    5) How much does it cost to register in PaperVault?
    a.Registering in PaperVault is free to the consumer, without any associated costs.

    6) What are the advantages of PaperVault?
    a. Digital signed receipts have the same legal value as paper signed receipts with the advantage of not having to waste space in your wallet, not being damaged, and being easily accessible from a computer or smartphone.
    b.Allow the management and organization of personal finance. How much was spent and on what.
    c. Allows you to save the receipts to be used to exercise the warranty or product exchange without running the risk of losing the paper receipts, or when you need that are already eligible.
    d. Export digital receipts to the platform for the presentation of re-pocketable business expenses for which you have access to.
    e. Export digital receipts for accounting of your company when you make purchases of products or services to the company.

    7) Will I receive SPAM mail for using PaperVault?
    a. No. Your e-mail address or telephone number when registered in PaperVault serve only, and if they wish to receive alerts via email or SMS PaperVault generated on the platform, or offers by affiliated companies. And you will have control over all of these situations which you may change at any time, according to the description in the Privacy Policy.

  • FAQ - Companies

    8) How do I start sending digital receipts in PaperVault platform?
    a. First you must ensure that your Point-of-Sale system has an interface PaperVault, and is operational. Then you only need to subscribe to PaperVault's service.

    9) What are the PaperVault advantages?
    a. The most immediate advantage is the savings associated with not issuing receipts on paper and will be more environmentally friendly.
    b. Provides an additional service to its customers allowing them to enjoy all the advantages of the PaperVault platform.
    c. You can do send your marketing campaigns directly not only to the consumers of PaperVault platform but to the entire universe of PaperVault consumers, according to their needs.
    d. Will have real-time intelligent reports on the behavior of their customers, in aggregate form and never getting to that the personal data of its customers.